We currently have partners in several locations, such as Costa Rica, European Union, and the US.

We have been successfully working with several cities of Ukraine.

It's one of the leading outsourcing countries, a 40+ million people country in the center of Europe, with a high growth profile and great human capital.

If you want more details, please read below about the situation there.

We are expanding into other countries and will consider other places as necessary.

Chernihiv (Chernigov)

Northern Ukraine


Kyiv (Kiev)

The capital, the largest city of Ukraine



The North of the western half of Ukraine


What Is The Situation?

Although it may be hard to believe, Ukraine is not really well presented in the world media. It may be quite hard to figure out the big picure from the disparate and often biased sources. The information reaching English speakers is inclomplete and often misleading. We know that first hand from talking to people in the US and Latin America. To a great extent, it's because Ukraine could do a better job distributing positive information. As of now, it's yet to learn a lot of lessons.

Anyway, here is a local perspective.

  • As far as business is concerned, definitely software development outsourcing, the situation is stable, business as usual. For example, see what AmCham is being busy with.
    • In fact, naturally, there were attempts to explore alternative countries, but those were not successful. Outsourced projects are NOT being moved elsewhere. In fact, the industry is growing.
    • All our locations are far from the problem areas and safe.
  • Despite external and internal challenges, the country is moving in the right direction. It is the same process as that the other countries of the formed Soviet block have been through. Like everywhere, the process has its own local specifics, but those are not really relevant to software outsourcing services. You will have legal and financial relations with US companies ony.
    • As a matter of fact, recently, a small part of the country has been occupied by Russian supported forces.
    • But as a result of the actions of the Ukrainian people and a supporting international effort, the conflict has been localized. Other countries, such as Israel, have similar conflict areas, which doesn't prevent their companies from succeeding in international business.
  • Ukrainian professionals universally demonstrate superb expertise and attitude. That is especially true with our partners, who tend to stay away from the capital and focus on people from other areas, where the education is as good if not better, and the culture is the most cooperative and productive.