Project Examples

Below is a summary of some significant projects, out of dozens completed at different times, with different teams and companies, for customers from startups to Fortune 500. The constant thing is that we always provide crucial communications, leadership and management. Technologies, types and sizes of projects, subject domains, etc., are variables.

Scalable enterprise systems
  • Systems, hardware & software integration
  • Enterprise integration patterns. Data integration. Load balancing. Caching. Security. Databases: relational, NoSQL
  • A complete IT solution for a telecom operator. A scalable backend for a market analysis web/mobile system.
  • Standard, Enterprise
  • Java-based products (Apache Camel, Pentaho Kettle, Ehcache, etc.)
  • Rich Web clients (Vaadin, Node.js, Javascript frameworks)
  • End-to-end solutions: frontend & backend
  • Administrative web interfaces
  • Data provisioning system (Google Maps API, rich Web client)
  • Proprietary rich client framework (preceding JQuery, ExtJS, Comet, etc.)
  • Components for a proprietary platform
  • From Palm, early BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to iOS and Android: native and hybrid
  • Mobile Web applications
Database systems
  • Relational database management system under development
  • Analytic systems (wholesale market analysis, retail/merchandising)
  • Quality system software, onboard computers, documentation projects, training, Y2K conversion, legacy systems reengineering, mainframes, and other
  • Equipment programming, machine to machine communications
Skills on demand
  • Acquired as needed. In many cases, the most effective strategy is to create the needed skill set on demand rather than than try to find the perfect fit on the market. The key is right talent and the right attitude
Development centers
  • Full life cycle of outsourcing companies, from creation to liquidation

Case Study: Product: Database Management System

This project is an example of outsourcing capabilities created on demand:

  • The product:
    A database management system
    Database internals
    Scientific concepts and patented inventions
  • The job:
    Take over the code under construction
    Extremely complex code and QA scaffolding:
    Almost a millionlines
    Learn the underlying architectural decisions
    Provide further development and support
  • The team:
    No low-level supervision required
    Accepted a challenge of taking over the complexities
    Mastered the scientific background and technologies
  • The process:
    We work with the customer and provide overall leadership and management
    The team is self-sufficient in theimplementation
  • The result:
    Everybody's expectationsexceeded
    Expected: modest modification and fixes during first 1-1.5 years
    Achieved: successful major development
    Architectural improvements after just a few months
    Complete control over the code
    Everything done ahead of time
    Smooth, brief and efficient communications
    The customer focused onproduct managementandsales

Case Study: Service: Reengineering, Data Quality

An example of a service project:

  • The service:
    Legacy system modernization
  • The job:
    Change several processes. Replace obsolete components - and yes, in addition to C++, Java, and a dozen related technologies, we are also dealing with some COBOL :). Parsers, business rules, and more. Perform data profiling for the legacy databases. Integrate several steps into a complete process. Customize and use the product above as part of the new solution
  • The team:
    Based on the team above
  • The process:
    We communicate with the customer and manage the outsourced project. We use time buffers to give all possible slacks to the customer people, who are also working on other projects
  • The result:
    Not yet: the project is in progress. We are making it a success, like all other projects we've done