Good relationships outlive companies and roles; people come back to people.

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Here are some excerpts from recommendations our customers, partners, and colleagues gave us at different times.


While most offshore development efforts are given tasks of lesser complexity, usually simple programming tasks and a lot of quality assurance testing, there was no hesitation on the part of USA based managers to give the Tech Center the most complex programming and testing tasks. Some of the work done there demonstrated exceptional innovation.


... a solid and reliable software vendor, and experts in their field.


...an "outstanding performer" who has made significant contributions to solving [the airline's] Year 2000 problems.


Having served in the US Army, I was provided the opportunity to experience a wide ranging variety of leadership styles at all levels of the management hierarchy... both good and bad. Igor was far and away one of the BEST leaders I have ever had the privilege of working for throughout my career: both military and civilian.


You will not find anyone that ever worked with/for Igor and did not consider it a great experience. True leader, innovator and an all-around great person.

Katerina did a fantastic job of managing ...I had full confidence in her to create and maintain an environment that would help make me successful...My trust and reliance on her never failed me.


…especially skilled at directly communicating with our clients, determining the most efficient technical direction and overseeing the work and welfare of our Kiev colleagues.


...exceptional care and competence in all matters administrative...thorough understanding of the needs and challenges faced by software development professionals.


...thinking positive, solves issues fast and effectively.

Igor was one of the most inspiring leaders in my career.


...starting a new company can be a mess. Surprisingly... things went smoothly so people could concentrate on their responsibilities within the projects.


... reliable and good at building strong and durable business relationships.


I am glad to offer a high endorsement of recommendation for Igor with any business venture he engages in.


... he created a mature engineering culture and a team of exceptionally capable and effective technical managers and software developers.


...It's hard to build a perfect team of true professionals, but it's even harder to create an environment for outstanding and talented individuals to work effectively for a long time.

...always aspired to do more for team delivery and she really did more than expected.


Igor is a very competent manager who miraculously combines high optimism (that is contagious) with very sharp business sense.

I see Igor as a highly skilled professional, great individual and true leader, who is able to lead business from early stages till market success.


Very professional, responsible, highly organized, and goal-oriented leader. Genuinely cares about his colleagues, trusts them, and shares all his knowledge to help them grow.

Knows what "quality" means, and achieves it. Uniquely bright and honest person with strong personal values and professional skills.

Mobile product user:

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I believe Igor is the best manager I have ever worked with as a subordinate.

Igor possesses exceptional architectural and programming skills, which often turn out to be superior to those of the developers.


...great to see how synergetic results the group managed to get, and a big part of it due to Katya's activity.


I count my work with Igor among the most enjoyable of my work experiences, and would welcome the opportunity to work together again.