Leadership Team

All three of the people listed here are dedicated to making every project a success for the client, for the programmers and for 2accomplish.

Our team has decades of experience specific to data and software projects, related to legacy systems and migrations and beyond, completing projects on time, within budget, and with the working result achieved first time, without rework. Some highlights of what our members have succeeded in:

  • Invented the first commercial product that automated data quality / data profiling

  • Architected IBM DB2/LUW

  • Managed IMS DB Development

  • Developed IBM System Software for CICS and IMS DB

  • Authored books:

    • Data Quality, The Accuracy Dimension

    • Database Archiving: How to Keep Lots of Data for a Very Long Time

  • Managed and designed the operating of the 5520 Administrative System architect for the AIX Operating System architect

  • Authored numerous commercial products of BMC Software, Peregrine Systems, Evoke Software

  • Developed database technology, including database engine internals and patented algorithms

  • Developed multiple business, mobile and web systems

  • Oversaw up to 500-person projects for military systems R&D and manufacturing (including airspace and a communication system, a space station, and more)

  • Rescued multiple crisis projects by restarting them with the right people, technologies and process

Jack Olson

Client Advisor

Software Development Experience

Jack worked at IBM System Software Development Labs for 17 years where he was a programmer for CICS and IMS DB, manager for IMS DB Development, manager and designer for the operating of the 5520 Administrative System, architect for the AIX Operating System, and architect for DB2 LUW. He also spent 25 years in startup companies BMC Software, Peregrine Systems, Evoke Software, and NEON Enterprise Software holding titles of Corporate Architect, VP of Development and Chief Technology Officer.

Outsourced Product and Solution Development Service Experience

Over the last 21 years, Jack has formed and managed numerous development projects with offshore outsourcing teams in Estonia, Russia, (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk), and Ukraine (Kiev and Chernigov). He has developed his own methodologies for building processes and developing working relationships with outsourcing teams. He has given presentations on the do’s and don’ts of offshore software development.

Role in 2accomplish

  • Assist potential clients in making the decision to outsource.
  • Assist potential clients in making the decision to use 2accomplish
  • Assist potential clients in defining policies and practices for a project.
  • Assist potential clients in defining contract terms and conditions.


  • BS Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • MBA, Northwestern University

Igor Sindyakov


Software Development Experience

Igor has unique 30+ years experience in software and information systems in technology, general and hands-on technical management, and business roles.

Recently, his focus has been on database technologies (including database engine internals), along with systems management, business, mobile and web systems.

Igor's earlier career was in military systems R&D (airspace, including airspace, a communication system - a 500 people project), and manufacturing (a 25,000 people enterprise).

Igor keeps his software engineering skills up to date. That's his way of understanding in depth the definition and implementation of the software his teams work on.

Outsourced Product and Solution Development Service Experience

Igor created and ran a “boutique” software development center for multiple venture portfolio startups, some of which have later had successful IPO.

Before that, he succeeded with multiple top notch outsourced projects for customers ranging from Fortune 500 and governmental organizations to small businesses and startups.

Returning customers choose Igor for quality, effective communications, efficiency (such as 5x-6x project acceleration) and reliability.

Role in 2accomplish

  • Help customers define work to be done and process to be used
  • Find programmers and form team
  • Train team on project with customer assistance as needed
  • Monitor all development activity
  • Provide regular communication with customer


  • Master's degree in automated systems (software, hardware and control)

Katherine Joy

Business Manager

Experience in Running the Business Side of an Outsourcing Company

Created from scratch and ran a dedicated offshore development center to provide a family of John J Moores’ companies with top-notch programming talent.

Participated in the launch, built and maintained all systems beyond software development.

Prior to that, in management and marketing positions, participated in planning and launching several succesful international businesses.

Role in 2accomplish

  • Set up 2accomplish as a US company with all necessary tools to work with US clients
  • Will be interface to customer for making cash payments to outsourcing teams
  • Will ensure all contracts are proper


  • Bachelor degree in international relations
  • Master's degree in management of organizations

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