Our Skills

Here are some of the skills we used in our projects. In fact, we often create skills on demand. That is most valuable when it comes to some rare or unpopular abilities. For example, COBOL.

That's right, COBOL. Which young developers with quite a modern skill set learned and used to analyze and integrate legacy data with undocumented structure.

That was just one episode of many. And we always partner with specialists who love to learn an apply new things.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Architecture | Software, hardware development and integration | Security | Full life cycle


Enterprise solutions | Enterprise integration | Scalability | Load balancing | Caching | Reliability | Maintainablility | Back-end


Web applications | Responsive | Progressive Web Applications | Offline | JavaScript frameworks | Node.js


Android | iOS | Cross-platform | Mobile Web


All leading brands | Proprietary, patented database management system (RDBMS) under development, database internals


Applications using blockchain


Actionable analytics (Tableau and other)


Efficient Django based development | And more


Cross-platform | Microsoft | System programming

Hardware programming

Machine to machine languages (MML)

Unix-like systems

Linux | MacOS | FreeBSD


WinAPI | System programming | .NET


Reverse engineering | R&D

Complete life cycle

From analysis to support | ITIL

Software Process

Agile (Scrum etc.) | RUP | Classic | Custom

Our Process


The only important thing about the process:
There must be a process. Some process!

With our project experience ranging from garage startups to mission critical market leader products and military systems, we can adjust to what is needed for a specific project:

  • If you have your process in place, we will follow it
  • If not, we will create something that will work for you

It may be as simple or complex as needed, but it must be there, and followed.
That's the way to keep your project manageable.

Time to Act!

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