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Application, Data Migration, Development

  • Migrate Now!

    It’s Time to Tackle Your Application Migration and Renovation Project Backlog

    All IT shops have an inventory of application migration projects that have been deferred for years.

    Completing them will certainly benefit the enterprise significantly.

    Continuing to put them off will only make the eventual conversions more painful and costly.


  • Migration Services

    You will like 2accomplish’s approach to application migration projects

    Partnership with IT and business staff.

    Approached from a data management/data governance perspective.

    Emphasis on pre-project planning and discovery.

    Heavy on tool use.

    Lower costs than other service providers.

  • Software, Data, Hardware Engineering

    You will like our other services: product & solution development, and more

    Application/tool development.

    Data quality assessment.

    Extending applications to analytical and AI capabilities.

    Internet of Things (IoT).

    Hardware development.

    … and more.


The Team

We Deliver

  • Capability and Experience

    You will like the 2accomplish team members

    Use of offshore and nearshore teams to reduce cost.

    Eastern Europe and Central America.

    Low ratio of development versus management to reduce cost.

    Leadership (link to edited content from here) has impressive resumes with tons of experience and knowledge.

    Developers are well-educated and have lots of experience (no rookies).

    Teams that have worked together for years on many diverse projects.

    References: here is what people say (link to edited content from here; add newer references).


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